Let me help you figure it out! 

I'm absolutely convinced that everyone needs a coach! Someone to help them process and work through the real life nitty gritty that we get stuck in because we're human. A coach doesn't judge you, or tell you what you should or shouldn't do. A coach walks alongside you gently guiding and prompting through questions and curiosity to help you discover what you really think and then see what that's creating for you in your real life.

Whether it's setting goals, getting unstuck, overcoming fears, finding motivation, accountability, support, encouragement, relationships or mentoring, I know that I can help you figure it out.

And as a committed Bible believing Christian, I walk alongside you as a sister in Jesus who undergirds everything with the ancient wisdom of the Bible and the latest neuroscience of my life coaching certification.

If you need help figuring it out, I am sure that we can do it togther!



1:1 Coaching Package

Meet up with Maaike 1:1 for 6 virtual online sessions of 45 minutes each where we will dive deep into the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck and equip you with tools to take ownership of your thoughts and emotions and create a life you love.
You lead the sessions with the areas you want to work on and I guide you to the abundant life you’re dreaming of.
Sessions take place via zoom on a weekly or biweekly schedule that suits us both.
Places are limited.

1:1 Coaching Single Session

Meet with Maaike for a single session of 60 minutes to coach on a specific area or issue that you’re currently struggling with.

Abundant Life Mentoring Membership

Join Maaike for six months as she guides and mentors an intimate group of committed Christian women into a deeper abundant life in Christ, Each month we will focus on a specific area of our lives to live fully in the plans, promises and passion God has for us.
You’ll receive regular recorded teaching from Maaike, along with discussion groups, coaching, online community and regular personal homework.
This membership takes place on a separate membership platform.



I’ve learned how to live an abundant, vibrant, joy filled life, no matter what my circumstances are!

Serving God as a missionary in Cambodia for 17 years, meant that I often felt I was supposed to have my life all figured out. I thought that I should have been able to manage my mind and emotions regardless of the circumstances. I felt like I had to hide my doubts and struggles in case people thought I didn’t measure up.

And I felt guilty that as a Christian women who really loved Jesus, I was still struggling in so many areas but I didn’t know how to get unstuck.

Then I began working with a Christian coach and discovered that the Bible’s command to renew our minds in Romans 12:2 was actually completely possible in real life. 

It was also the KEY to unlocking a whole lot of freedom in my life and getting unstuck from thought patterns and attitudes that had kept me stuck for years.

Now as a certified Christian Life Coach, I’m teaching other women how to get unstuck and break free of the things that have been holding them back.

And I’m loving every minute!



What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool where the coach acts as a guide, walking alongside you and helps you reach your own aims and goals. Coaching is not counselling or therapy. These start from the premises of “something is wrong and needs fixing.” Coaching starts from the foundation of wholeness. You are already enough and have the capacity to manage your mind and emotions, but you need someone to teach you how to do it. The role of a great coach is to help you develop those personal strengths to reach your goals and get unstuck from whatever is holding you back.

What makes Maaike different from any other coach?

Maaike is a committed Christian, firmly grounded in the truths of the Bible as the revealed Word of God. A qualified teacher, she has studied at a Bible college and has been certified through Life Mentoring School, a program for faith based coaches which uses the truths of ancient Scripture as well as the latest neuroscience to equip their coaches to be the best. Maaike knows that the power of the Holy Spirit along with the foundations of the Bible are firm foundations on which to see massive and life changing shifts for the women she coaches.

How long will I need coaching for?

Coaching is so individual that there’s no one-size-fits-all. The length of time you need coaching may depend on your circumstances, your issues and your personality. Some people learn the tools and take off independently after only 6 sessions, equipped to go it alone. Other people may feel they need coaching for a while longer. But even a few sessions will make a huge impact on your understanding of how your thoughts are creating your life and help you move forward.

Do you have to be a Christian to get coached by Maaike?

Absolutely not. The tools work for everyone anywhere for any problem. Maaike is, however, a committed Christian and her faith forms the foundation of her value and belief system. That comes through as she coaches to some extent - but it’s not a game changer if you don’t want any spiritual input. 

Can I try it out before I commit?

If coaching is new to you and you’re not sure that it can help, you can absolutely try out one session and see how you find it. Contact Maaike directly HERE to set up a time to chat. 


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